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My boo did it again!  #highlyeducated  we dont just do it we MASTER it!
By @jaguars “So today is kind of a BIG day! #JagsCamp | #Khanstruction” via @PhotoRepost_app
Best shrimp and grits i have ever had. #metrodiner  #onlyinduval (at The Metro Diner)
But first let us take a selfie, with a tree! (at Treaty Oak)




Rae: “I just can’t eat in front of people.”

Stacey: “Why not?”

Rae: “Well, because, if I eat unhealthy food, then people will think ‘Oh, look at that fat cow. No wonder she got to that size,’ and if I eat healthy food, then they think ‘Well, who’re you trying to kid, love? You didn’t get to that size by eating salads.’”

The fat experience in a nutshell. Bloody hell, My Mad Fat Diary is brilliant.

Which is why I only eat in front of people who know about my eating disorder.  Literally.

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I saw this, which was inspired by this, and I decided to make some sets that focus on individual characters, because the women that I love the most are everything women are warned not to be. I changed the wording very slightly on #10 because I was uncomfortable referring to Gwen as a “girl” when it’s made very clear in the show that she hates being called a girl, and I’m not comfortable referring to the other women on the list as “girls” if I’m not going to refer to her as one.

So, I give you (in no particular order) Ten Women I Was Warned Against Becoming: #6. Maria LaGuerta

Cant tell me nothing. Its only 10 but it feels like 100,000 #vine #followme